Nine Ways to Reduce Wedding Expenses & Enjoy Savings

Secret Garden Event Venue, Phoenix, Arizona - Wedgewood Weddings & EventsBy far the best way to save money is by using an all-inclusive wedding venue. If you’re read our complete guide to wedding budgets and want to cut a few costs we’ve also got a few tricks up our sleeves, plus a few borrowed from APracticalWedding.com and TheKnot.com to make your budget stretch even further. Read on for easy ways to increase your wedding budget with these savings.


Consider an off-season or weekday wedding:

A few years ago, weekday weddings were practically unheard of. However, nowadays, couples are taking advantage of the countless benefits to getting married off-season and/or on a weekday. Your venue and vendors will have more availability and will often offer additional discounts just for choosing a non-Saturday.


Hire a professional photographer for a limited amount of time:

Most photographers actually have fewer-hour packages that will cost you significantly less. So instead of hiring them for eight to ten hours, see if you can get all the shots you want in five. You may have to rely on friends and family to capture your grand exit at the end of the night, but that may be worth it in order to cut wedding costs.


Consider a smaller guestlist:

Wedding venues charge by the head for food and liquor, so changing the size of the guest list is the fastest way to reduce wedding expenses. And, while it may seem harsh to make those cuts, there is a tactful way to do it. And, in the end, you probably won’t miss your dad’s college roommate’s son.


Go casual:

The fact is, the more formal the affair, the more expensive it will be. You’ll need to make sure the site, food, music, and overall theme of the wedding is upscale – and that can get expensive fast. By making each of these elements slightly more casual, you should be able to reduce wedding expenses while still hosting an awesome event.



Enlist the help of your crafty friends and have a DIY night. You’d be surprised at how much wedding decor you can make yourself with a couple of glasses of wine and some feel-good tunes.


Bundle wherever possible:

Secret Garden by Wedgewood Weddings - Arizona's Best Wedding LocationWhen you choose a Wedgewood Weddings venue, you also have access to our invitations and accessories supplier: InvitationsbyWedgewood.com. You’ll love the selection, and you’ll save money by bundling this cost into the cost of your wedding venue.


Take advantage of every special, discount, or free offer:

Often, discounts are there, you just have to find them. At Wedgewood Weddings, we offer our Bliss Benefits program for extra discounts on wedding supplies, plus additional discounts to couples keen to get married within four months of booking. We also offer discounts to active-duty couples who choose non-Saturday weddings, and we even have a “refer a friend” discount! As you research potential vendors and venues, call and ask for available discounts to cut wedding costs or search their websites; every little bit helps.


Make cuts:

When wedding planning, it’s fairly common for the plans to snowball out of control. Thanks to Pinterest, it feels really important to pour a lot of money into tiny details. But ask yourself, “does this matter to me?” “Will anyone even notice or remember this detail?” If the answer to either of those questions is “no”, then go ahead and skip it.


Enlist your friends:

The joy of wedding planning is that, often, your friends and family will volunteer to help as soon as they hear you’re engaged! So take advantage of their various talents to save yourself some money. Maybe you have an amateur seamstress/tailor or florist in your family – now is the time to find out!


Whatever your wedding budget, you deserve a special occasion. This is your chance to surround yourself with love and create memories of a lifetime. Let us know where you need support and we’ll do all we can to bring your vision to life, within budget. It’s our duty to set you up for married life, so we love creative challenges and working with couples who understand what they value most!

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