Seven of Our Favorite Ways to Indulge at Your Wedding


Secret Garden Event Venue, Phoenix, Arizona - Wedgewood Weddings & EventsAt Wedgewood Weddings, we mean it when we say that we can work with any budget. So we like to give advice on how to save money, as well as how to spend it! Whether you want an expensive wedding or a more modest one, you’re going to want to spend your hard-earned money wisely and create the best wedding possible. So, for those couples who have a little room to spare in their budgets, here is a list of our favorite ways to splurge.


Upgraded chairs:

No matter how gorgeous your wedding venue is, the chairs you choose will always end up being a bit of a focal point. After all, there are dozens or even hundreds of them, so the wrong chair can easily become an eyesore. Upgraded chairs (such as Chiavari, Crossback or Tiffany chairs) are a simple change that can make your space feel more elegant and will look better in the background of your photos.


Top-shelf liquor:

Offering a hosted bar is a great way to ensure your guests let loose and have an awesome time at your reception. So, while you’re at it, upgrade to top-shelf liquor so your guests know how much you appreciate them.


Secret Garden Phoenix AZ (23)Epic DJ:

Sure, you can make a playlist on your iPod and have a friend make the necessary announcements. But if you want your reception to be truly epic, invest in a quality DJ who knows how to hype up a crowd and keep the party going!


More food options:

With all that premium liquor flowing, you’re definitely going to want your guests to eat. If you have room at the end of your budget, add a few more hors d’oeuvres options or other specialty items like a donut wall or an ice cream bar. Guests will always appreciate more food!


Your wedding attire:

You can splurge on couture if you want to, but it’s most important that you make sure you are comfortable in your wedding attire. That might mean you need to spend a little extra on higher quality items or spend a little more money on alterations to make sure your outfits fit correctly. Also, go ahead and splurge on some great, high-quality wedding shoes that you can wear comfortably all night long!


Secret Garden Event Venue, Phoenix, Arizona - Wedgewood Weddings & EventsExtra personal details:

We’re seeing more and more couples go the extra mile to make sure their weddings are personal, and they’re willing to pay for it! So sit down with your partner and think of a few personal touches you could splurge on to make the experience more special for your guests. We love expensive wedding favors that point to the couple’s love story, or extra fancy programs.



Each of our beautiful wedding venues are unique, so make sure to ask about their package enhancements on your discovery tour.



Getting married is a very special and memorable experience, so you want to make sure every little detail of the day matches exactly what you had in mind. Let us know your priorities, and we’ll build an exceptional wedding celebration that matches your vision to the letter.  Whether you have questions about weddings, event planning, or want to know about the latest wedding trends, we’re here to help. We bring a wealth of experience to each and every project, so you get to zero in on the details that make the ultimate difference. It’s our responsibility as wedding experts is to set you up for success, which is why we love a challenge, and we enjoy working with couples who know what they want most!